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By Lauren Traub Teton

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Take a vacation in one day, or one hour
Enjoy the sunset on a boat

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June 28, 2008
I am incredibly excited about what’s happening! The concept that I have been mulling over for a year or so is coming to life! The concept is basically that I’m a fun grown-up, and I used to think I was one of a small bunch. But looking around, I see there are LOTS of fun grown-ups out there. We see each other in passing and give a little thumbs up to each other mentally as we pass.

But now it’s the time for we fun grown-ups to come out of the closet and have our moment! It’s time for us to declare our numbers, and our strength in the world and the marketplace. I’m a snowboarder over 40. I’ve found there are plenty of others like me. And we have buying power. Yet how come I’ve NEVER seen a snowboarder over 40 in any ad, EVER?

In fact, when you watch tv, the only time you see people our age is in ads for medications and erectile dysfunction, “Stairs who Cares?,” hair color, and financial planning. Geesh, you’d think people in their 40s, 50s, and 60’s (an older) never buy anything that’s not ill-health related, and never do anything fun. This image of us is just SO WRONG!!

I know there are people over 40 participating in every sport; even people in their 60’s and 70s + learning to surf. Part of the problem is that there is no name for this group of fun adults. We’re all lumped into a name that was coined in 1951 – The Baby Boom. This terrific name has such staying power that it has not been replaced and is still in use over 57 years later. By the way, it was created by the financial writer Sylvia Porter in 1951 in a fit of inspired and uncredited prescience and brilliance.

But the name “Baby Boomers” is part of the problem, part of the misconception. There were 78 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 -a huge group of people, no doubt! However we are not homogenous. Some of this group has become their own stodgy parents. And some of us are still enjoying life with a passion.

Sooo, my big project is to bring to light the fact that there is a huge subset or group of people over 40, probably over 30 million of us, who still like and want and need and know how to have fun! And my project is to let us FUN people have a place of our own to get together on the internet, and share what is working for us in our wonderful lives. And to share a bit of relief in a challenging world.

I have given a fun new name to this group. Twifties. For “people around their 50’s who act like they are around their 20’s.” My vision is that this is like “Facebook for Grown-Ups.” Face it, there’s no place like this so far on the internet for us to get together now. People are searching and reaching for ways to feel a little better in these days of many challenges. “Spend 2 minutes at, and… you’ll…Feel… BETTER!” will be a place where you can post a profile of yourself with some pictures (to show how great you’re taking care of yourself.) You can answer our questionnaire and tell what’s working for you and keeping you inspired and happy. Or you can put your favorite fun passion and zip code into a search box on the site, and find other Twifties who share your passions, in your geographical area to share activities with. And read what works for and inspires them!

Also, as you have gained experience in life, you have probably gotten quite good at a few things. Twifties Tips is a way for you to share your knowledge. You can share your expertise as tips with readers for free, or you can make a little cash-flow by putting your tips up for sale on our site. You write-em, we distribute them, we split the proceeds with 60% to you, the writer.

You probably have other upbeat thoughts to share, and you can do it easily on your blog.
This all feels so right and natural to me, and things are falling into place now perfectly. August is when we are planning to unveil the site.
Spread the word!

People can always use a little positive reinforcement, right? You can be one of the first to post your profile up now, even before the unveiling, while we are tweaking and beautifying the site - at

If you are all over this new idea, like so many people I talk to are, we are considering working with a very limited group of small investors to keep the presses rolling as we get going. Give a shout to


"Spend 2 minutes at, and you'll...feel...BETTER!

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