Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slaves to Electronics? Take time to Think

July 12, 2008

Slaves to Electronics? Take time to Think
by Lauren Traub Teton

It's Saturday and I’m headed to the local greenmarket and then the beach to see some Twifty friends and their kids in a surf competition. But a few thoughts before I depart.

About that Yoga book that I want to create with a theme of "do yoga and stretch anywhere and everywhere, using natural features as props." Just like skateboarders use steps and handrails anywhere to slide on, you can use these railings and picnic tables and airport floors to stretch on!!) It’s coming together in my mind. (If you want to work on this book with me, contact me -

I'm so busy thinking about projects lately that I brushed me teeth with sunscreen, and put the new ecological dishwashing liquid I bought in the dishwasher. (It was meant for hand washing - if it didn't cause such a mess I could have almost enjoyed the rainbow streaked fluffy clouds of suds covering my kitchen floor. Why ISN'T there a bio-degradable dishwasher detergent in my store too?)

I do have a lot going on right now what with my new website being created as we speak, my Flexmeter Skate and Snowboard Wrist Guard and Glove internet business, my Name One! Product Naming business, and website and other snowboard sites.

Oh yeah, and I am the US distributor for a giant airbag for snowboarders and skiers to land jumps in called Aerofreestyle Mat. I run all these businesses from my home, with one little computer and a 2 line phone. All by myself, with a part-time outside helper. And as you’ll read, I’m serious about taking time to relax and have fun! (if one can be “serious" about fun!)

How do I stay focused and keep my constant flow of crazy and sometimes terrific ideas flowing, you might wonder? I see people who can’t even focus on knowing where their keys are each day, let alone think of new ideas to try.

To be blunt, I think I have a lot more time to create than some people because I don’t fritter away my time on electronic devices. I carry 1 simple cell phone. No PDA, nothing with a keyboard or internet goes with me day to day. In my time off, my office calls are not forwarded to my cell. I don’t IM.

I watch very little tv. And I don’t walk around with earphones filling my head with music. Too much input blocks output. I also agree with Dr. Andrew Weill that we don’t have to spend a lot of time absorbing “news” each day.

Remember before we had all these wonderful instant communication devices, even back in the days before answering machines were invented? Remember how much slower life moved, and funny, how much better the economy was during most of that time? And how much more fit people were and how much healthier and less stressed we were?

How can we adapt the idea: to stop being slaves to portable communications devices that eat up our quality time?
When you spend non-work time answering messages from other people, you are taking that time away from yourself. And your friends and loved ones.

Portable electronic communications devices were created to save us time, I think. Instead they are time hogs. If I can run all these enterprises without taking electronics with me day to day, maybe you can too. And then you’ll have a lot more time to think, maybe even of some great ideas that can improve the world!
Hey, I’m splitting for the beach!

Overheard from mother to whiny child at the pool:
“Behave yourself or no electronics when we get home.”
Bet your parents never said that to you!!


"Spend 2 minutes at, and you'll...feel...BETTER!

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