Friday, September 12, 2008

Visit your favorite snow resort - in Summer and Fall!

Visit your favorite snow resort - in Summer and Fall!

Get a head start on those great mountain feelings!

Stratton Mountain, and Manchester, VT

by Lauren Traub Teton

We snowboard and ski enthusiasts are counting the days ‘til we can boot up again. But there’s a way to get a head start on the good feelings that come from our favorite downhill sports.

Why not visit your favorite mountain off season and take the chair lift or gondola to the top? Last week I had the opportunity to ride the gondola to the top of Stratton Mountain, in Vermont. I have had many happy times snowboarding there, and while sitting at the summit looking out over the green valley ,with the blue sky above, those good-time feelings came flooding back to me, even without snow!

It was so interesting to see the topography of the mountain without its thick blanket of snow, and to see the trees with leaves dangling instead of icicles.

Being after Labor Day and before foliage season, we had the place to ourselves and that was a big change too, from the well-attended snowboard events I’ve covered at Stratton for my other website,

It is wonderfully refreshing, enlivening, and calming to breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the view from the top! Visiting the mountain even in “off” season makes you feel good, especially if it invokes good times you’ve had there in the past.

Of course if your favorite mountain is an airplane ride away instead of a car ride, this plan is not so easy. Maybe you can drive to a local mountain or hill that has a chairlift and dream your winter dreams!


Manchester, Vermont is a Great Town

If you’re in Southwestern Vermont near Stratton or Bromley or Route 7, don’t miss the Manchester Designer Outlets! Last week was my first visit, but not my last!

Manchester, Vermont is a charming well-groomed old New England town that also has some of the best shopping in the state. I visited two inns that I can’t wait to come back to for dinner and an overnight, The Reluctant Panther, and the Inn at Manchester. Both have tiny pocket drink bars tucked into living room areas of overstuffed sofas and very inviting bedrooms.

And I saw the most beautiful, tasteful looking designer outlet buildings that I’ve ever seen. A quick stride through Giorgio Armani and Escada assures me there is plenty there to revisit. Anichini is a lux linen and textile purveyor and I saw some colors of sheets and tapestry pillows that made my eyes pop and my mouth water. Anichini is a Vermont company, believe it or not.

Also mouth-watering was the delicious stuffed organic pepper we ate at Ponce Gourmet next door. The owners lovingly supervise every morsel. And the coffee is real free trade organic coffee where the buyers of the beans cultivate a beneficial relationship with the growers. My first sip of their iced coffee caused me to run inside and ask the owners all about the delicious robust blend.

The Manchester Designer Outlets was a fantastic wrap up to our weekend in Vermont.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It’s nice to take your time!

It’s nice to take your time! Twifties need their relaxation.

by Lauren Traub Teton

I was getting ready for a road trip to visit my old dad out of state. I had been rushing around for days, and my body told me to slow down, even though I knew he was waiting patiently for my visit. I like to travel in the daylight, but I just needed to move slowly that day in my trip preparations.

Finally, I was ready and I hit the road. It was Labor Day weekend, but by the time I started driving, I found a wormhole with no traffic! Darkness fell during my drive, but I was pretty close to my destination by then. Gazing at the road straight ahead, suddenly I saw an explosion of pink and red colored stars in the sky far ahead, above the asphalt. Fireworks! I was treated to a 3 minute fireworks display directly ahead of me. My timing was perfect, after all.

I felt that the beautiful fireworks display that I passed at the exact right moment was a confirmation of my decision to move slowly instead of forcing my tired self to rush some more.

A few days later on the way back home, I also let the “flow” dictate my departure time and pace. Stopping the car for a quick rest and stretch, I heard thunder, and it led me to get out of the car to look at the sky. I gasped aloud as I found myself standing in the exact center of a perfect delicious rainbow. I could see almost the whole arc!

I arrived home and unpacked the car, and just as I closed the door of my house behind me, gentle rain began to fall. I was glad to be safe inside, finished with my trip.

Timing... excellent again!

If you have the luxury of not being on a tight schedule, it is so nice to take your time. If you don’t have the luxury, try to plan ahead for a little block of unscheduled time.
Wonderful surprises may come your way!

Twenty-four Hour Run Away!? Sound Good! You bet!
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