Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunset Cruise – you paddle

July 16, 2008
Sunset Cruise – you paddle
by Lauren Traub Teton

The Kayak meet-up group had an evening paddle and after-party at Long Island Sound tonight. Kayaks ranged from sleek smooth pointy fast boats with experienced owners to inflatables and inexpensive small “sit-on-tops” that fit right into the car. I was able to borrow a kayak and frankly the idea of owning one that rolls up and fits into the trunk and doesn’t take 2 people to load onto a car rack is appealing to me.

The less expensive kayaks are a little harder to move around, not cutting sleekly through the water like the fancy ones. But that was ok in my little sub-group. We paddled out halfway to the others, then spent some time bobbing around watching the sky turn pink down to the horizon and reflect incredibly beautiful patterns on the water as the moon rose.

The moon was almost full. We watched recreational fisherman on the rocks and in row-boats. They didn’t seem desperate to catch fish, just looking for an excuse to be on the water.

After the paddle, we were able to use the gas grill and deck at the Halloween Yacht Club, where one of the members keeps her kayak for $250 year. Everyone brought food and drink and we had a feast of grilled homemade chicken nuggets, sausages, chicken, vegetables, dips, chips, fruit, raw vegs, and cheese. Simple great Twifty times, open to all. Thanks Peter and Cynthia! Tomorrow night there’s a Moonlight Paddle leaving after dark.


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