Monday, February 21, 2011

Twifties Winter Games at Wachusett in MA, March 2, 2011

Twifties Winter Games at Wachusett March 2. 2011

Skiers and snowboarders age 50 and up are invited to come out to Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA on Wednesday, March 2 for downhill fun in the Twifties Winter Games. Three events will be held. There are Super G, and Dual Giant Slalom races starting at 9:30 a.m. Competitors will be matched by age in 5 year increments.  For those less competitive, a Twifties Ride will be held at 2 pm, skiing and snowboarding for fun with a group of age and activity peers. Registration for the races is from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. in the Granite Room. and the registration fee is $55 which  includes a lift ticket or $30 for season pass holders. Wachusett says "Bring along someone who has never skied with us before and we'll take $10 off your registration." The rain date is Wednesday, March 9.

Lunch and an award ceremony will be held after the races conclude and those in the races and those going for the Twifties Ride are invited to attend. Lunch vouchers worth $10 will be available for sale at $8 each The Twifties Winter Games are part of the Massachusetts Senior Olympics. Save time at registration by printing out and completing your registration and waivers at

Twifties are the fun people around and age 50 and up and the word Twifty is derived from “fifty is the new twenty. Twenty, Fifty, Twifty!" Updates on the Twifties Winter Games here on this page. Twifties are encouraged to sign up for the Twifties Party List to be notified of future events on www.Twifties.TV where they can also view short entertaining videos of Twifties having fun. Twifties.TV is on Facebook here. is another place where Twifties events are listed for the public. Upcoming activities may include an inn-to-inn bike ride in Quebec this summer. "It's slightly downhill, that sounds wonderful to me!" says Ms. Teton. We plan to do more ziplining this summer (videos of Twifties on the canopy tour at Hunter Mountain and zipline at Catamount Adventure Park here.

The name “Twifties” was created by professional product namer of Name One! and snowboard journalist Lauren Traub Teton. age 54, to describe the active subset of Baby Boomers who are the bull’s-eye of the target of consumers, but who have been largely ignored by product designers and marketers. Ms. Teton, (a.k.a. Laurie Traub) who originally hails from Framingham, MA says the tide is turning quickly. “In the last couple of months I can see by articles in and other publications that we are taking our consumer buying power back and it behooves brands to cater to us. I would still like to see a snowboard and ski jacket designed and marketed to Twifties, with a flattering shape, pattern, and just the right amount of pockets in the right places! There are over 500,000 skiers and snowboarders over age 50, and that would be a tidy piece of business for the companies astute enough to jump on that bandwagon” says Ms. Teton.

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