Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twifties Are Nifty

Want to know more about the biggest buying demographic in the US? Do you know about Cohort #2 of the Baby Boom, the age group that contains half the birth years but two thirds of the people? This article about Twifties by professional journalist Rich Monetti appears on Associated Content on Yahoo. Read about Twifties here.

Twifties Are Nifty

If you're approaching 50 or long passed it by, but you're lifestyle seems better suited to someone who's nowhere close to seeing a half century worth of life, there's a new word (and movement) that befits the way you live.

Combining twenties and fifties, semantically and as they might zip past the former on their snowboard, and you have a Twifty, according to Lauren Traub Teton of Pound Ridge , New York . "It's derived from people around their 50's who act like they are in their twenties.

Read about Twifties here.

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