Saturday, October 3, 2015

VibeMatch Machine is Here!

VibeMatch! Shutesbury

The VibeMatch Machine is Here!
More mixing = more fun for all!
It's been years in the making, and now it is here, and what a fun path it has been, first creating the idea of VibeMatch. Then through true VibeMatch, meeting Jake (on a dance floor!) who took my idea and turned it into this very fun machine which was created for party entertainment at parties and mixers to break the ice and help people meet! 

We have had the VibeMatch Machine at several parties, you can see pictures and videos from those parties on our Facebook page VibeMatch at Twifties.. 
We combined 2 of our favorite inventions in the name of that Facebook page. Twifties are the fun people around age 50 and up. 
But VibeMatch is for all ages!

How does it work?
The VibeMatch Machine reads energy through the user's hand. Using proprietary algorithms, it calibrates the results and correlates the vibration frequencies to a color. After the resulting color flashes on the machine, the user is given a sticker, to wear with their color, and their 2 secondary color matches. Now they have a reason to mingle and mix and talk to anyone at the party! More mixing = more fun for all!

And you can have the VibeMatch Machine at YOUR party!
It is great at: corporate parties, bar and bat mitzvah parties, sweet 16s, business mixers, dating parties, holiday parties, corporate retreats,
We work with party planners, caterers, event planners, corporate events departments, and anyone else you can think of!

Remember, there is ONLY ONE VibeMatch Machine!
Have it at your party or event and it will be remembered and talked about for years!!
We are based in Westchester County, NY.
Contact Lauren!  NY 914 764-0115

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