Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Twifties Podcast on The Brass Ring Radio Show June 26, 2011

The Brass Ring Radio Show

Podcast: Lauren Traub Teton talking about Twifties.

Listen to the podcast of Lauren Traub Teton talking about Twifties from The Brass Ring Radio Show from Sunday June 26, 2011.

Lauren Traub Teton, founder of Twifties  was a guest of Gina Ghioldi, on The Brass Ring® Radio Show, one of the hottest shows on the dial. Below is the blurb for Lauren's 15 minute segment, which you can hear here.
Lauren and Gina talked about how a business can be somewhere between a job and a hobby, and still deliver benefits even if they are not totaled in dollars.                                                                                                          

"Enterpreneurship and inventing have been in Lauren’s blood since she bought her first paper route from a neighbor at age 12 for $5. Creator of over 10 popular websites, starting with no experience in web design, she is living her dream of having the most fun jobs possible. She has dined, cruised, and snowboarded for free. She also names new products and gets to fire a laser for work, and goes to parties as part of her job. She is a native of Framingham, MA and a graduate of UMass."

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