Saturday, March 13, 2010

TV Channels On Line Invented - TVCOL.TV

TV Channels On Line Invented - TVCOL.TV

March 13, 2010 - Lauren Traub Teton, internet entrepreneur claims she has invented the perfect TV channel format for the Internet. The new TV channel software created by Ms. Teton is called TVCOL.TV for "TV Channel OnLine." Teton says "TV is new again. Three minutes is the new 30- minute show and 5 minutes is the new one-hour show. Telephones are the new TVs. And real people shown in video using products they really use is the new advertising, instead of paid actors pretending to use products they've never used."

"We need this TV Channel template for the internet now! Anyone who has over 9 videos posted on YouTube understands that they need an inviting attractive way to offer viewers their content in categories. Youtube serves the viewer by offering related content by other producers, but that will distract the viewer away from the target videos. We work WITH Youtube so your viewers have the option of also easily seeing what YOU have to offer on YOUR channel."

Teton and her tech partners have created TV Channels Online in an easy-to use format that let's the owner of the channel, group together videos or even text articles of their choosing from anywhere on the net, and categorize them to offer the viewing public on one site. Once a video is posted online, it takes 3 minutes to add it to your channel, and can be done from any computer that's online. See examples of TVCOL.TV at Twifties.TV and SnowboardSecrets.TV.

"The format is simple to use and available for licensing so that any person or business can now have their own TV channel on the internet virtually overnight" says Teton. "You bring the URL, we bring the software and get you started. We've been waiting for someone to figure out the progression of TV onto the internet. Original content and ease of use is it. Rehashing network TV shows from the 80's is not it."

Ms. Teton is the creator of: Twifties, SnowboardSecrets, Name One,,,,,,, OneTakeVideo.TV, and more.

For more info and to get your TV Channel Online up and running, contact and put "TVCOL.TV" in the subject line.

Ms. Teton has posted over 100 video vignettes on Youtube in 1 year and has received over 100,000 views. She has several "hit" videos that have gotten over 1000 views a day. And she has figured out a way to monetize her videos.

All this and she still has time to run 3 businesses and snowboard 30 days a year. She teaches her easy quick method of One Take Video that allows users to make and upload a video vignette in an hour or less. No expensive equipment or previous training or experience is needed to make videos this way. To learn Lauren's method for fast "no waste" video production contact and put "One Take Video" in the subject line.


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Where to watch tv channel on line on the internet without any TV tuner card. If i watch tv on online will it consume more data package?