Monday, February 22, 2010

Twifties Winter Games at Ski Sundown February 23

Twifties Winter Games and Fashion February 23 at Ski Sundown for Sportsters Age 50 and Up

Racing on snow for people age 50 and up happens February 23 at Ski Sundown resort in New Hartford, CT. Race, have fun, and model your best snow gear of all time.

New Hartford, CT, February 16, 2010 --Ski Sundown resort in New Hartford, CT is the hot spot on Tuesday, February 23 when the Twifties Winter Games will be held for older snowsports enthusiasts. Winter sports enthusiasts who are age 50 or better by 12/31/2010 at all levels of skill are invited to compete. Events at the games are racing in the Giant Slalom and Downhill for skiers and snowboarders. Cross Country and Snow Shoe Races with snow shoes provided round out the race roster. The price is $35 to compete. The Connecticut Ski Council is organizing the event with Ski Sundown. A hot lunch is offered during the award ceremonies for $22 subject to availability.

This year “Twifties” is the title sponsor. Twifties are the fun people around and above age 50. The Twifties concept was created by Lauren Traub Teton, age 53, who is a competitive amateur snowboarder and professional product namer. “Fifty is the new twenty” says Ms. Teton. “This will be a fantastic Twifties event. Anyone who is out on snow age 50 and up is automatically a fun person. See what Twifties are doing to have fun on www.Twifties.TV.”

Attendees are encouraged to wear their best snow fashions from the cedar closet at the Twifties Winter Games. Prizes will be awarded for best fashions and most duct tape. Registration is from 8 to 9:00 am. Registration forms can be filled out at the event, or save time and print one out and complete it, from (
Twifties are invited to come and watch the events and meet fun people even if not competing.

About Twifties
Twifties is a movement of the people in their late 40s and up. People over 50 control 50% of consumer spending in the US, yet few “fun” products are marketed to this group. Lauren Traub Teton combined the words “fifty” and “twenty” to create “Twifty” as a handle for the lively enthusiastic people who are the target of the bullseye of older consumers, and envisions Twifties people meeting for more fun events like this one, Twifties dance parties all across the country and the world. And select Twifties approved products. Meet Twifties and see how they have fun on www.Twifties.TV.

Contact Info:
Lauren Traub Teton
914 764-0115
Pound Ridge, NY 10576

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