Saturday, August 22, 2009

Computer in the Repair Shop - Hooray!

Computer in the Repair Shop - Hooray!

by Lauren Traub Teton

It is August.
My computer is away for vacation, in the shop waiting for a new fan. It has been sounding like a small motorboat.

Not having an easy way to check my email has been a blessing!
I have broken the addiction.
I am not missing email, in fact I am SO relieved to be forced to take a break.

After work I am enjoying the steamy outdoors. And there is LESS work since I am not tied to email! I am relaxing and catching up on my snowboard magazines on the deck. Seeing friends, going to the beach. I still don't have a portable enslavement, uh, I mean email device, and don't plan to. If you have business or social reason to reach me, please phone.

I have written about our enslavement to technology before. Read "Slaves to Electronics? Take Time to Think." that I wrote last July here.

Without noticing it, all of our free time has turned into "tech time." People get together with their friends then waste that precious time texting or phoning with other people instead of giving attention to the ones in the room. It is rude. It is compulsive.

High tech communication is eating away at our lives.
Reading and answering email has become a job. I didn't apply for that job, and I'm not getting paid for most of it. R U?

Our email load is not likely to get lighter in the future without our own intervention. We feel obligated to check email in case a business opportunity or friend wants to reach us. Email is not even 100% reliable.

Let's agree to call each other instead when it's important.
That way email can end up lower on the priority list and important things on our list can get done. And we can devote some time to thinking and allowing new ideas to enter our minds. The quiet mind invite new ideas in.

And remember, less tech time means more time to have FUN, relaxation, and enjoyment. That's what Twifties are all about.

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