Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trying Something New – The Benefits

Trying Something New – The Benefits
Chairboarding on the SkySki (It’s like an Air Chair) Part Deux

by Lauren Traub Teton

When you try something new, you become like a child again. Most things are new to kids. That is why kids have “childlike wonder.” If you, as an adult, keep doing the same familiar things, your sense of childlike wonder will go dormant. If you're Twifty, you want to try new things to stay fresh.

For example, yesterday I got to try riding a the SkySki chairboard. It was a little scary, it was new, to me, and my child mind said to me “I’ve never done this before, I don’t know how.” But my adult mind overruled it and said “you can learn this, you just saw people do it, they survived, you have the skills, it’s not that hard, and the downside and chance of injury is relatively low.”

I tried it, and had good success! I am thrilled at how that success at something brand new yesterday has flowed over into every aspect of my life today! I feel strong and invincible and successful and full of childlike wonder!

Once You’ve Ridden the Halfpipe,
There’s not much in an Office or Boardroom that can Really Throw You

One of the most exciting sports experiences I’ve ever had was learning to ride the halfpipe in snowboarding. Riding the halfpipe is a relatively safe area of freestyle snowboarding. Snowboard instructor and author Chickie Rosenberg, who is a fabulous snowboard rider and an over-60 Twifty says that the halfpipe is “like a baby’s playpen” and as a beginner there’s just no way for you to fall out. Chickie is the author of Snowboarding for Women: a guide for the Betty Shred wannabe and Snowboarding for Men: a Guide for Guys

Nonetheless, the first time you stand on your snowboard looking into the pipe and contemplating dropping in, it is a breathtakingly exciting prospect. Picture this, you’re on flat land, looking into a hollowed-out pipe in the snow, and getting ready to slide down the wall. Chickie Rosenberg says “the only scary part [of riding the halfpipe for the first time] is actually entering, sort of like going off a diving board as the surface drops from under you.”

In fact, it was a breathtaking experience for me for a couple of years. I have to say now it’s gotten kind of common for me, and in the last couple of seasons I’ve even found my mind able to have other thoughts while riding the pipe.

But the confidence that conquering the walls of the halfpipe gave me is immeasurable, and a real gift at this stage of my life. I’ve often said “once you’ve ridden the halfpipe, there’s not much in an office or boardroom that can really throw you.”

Want to go on a snow vacation with the Fun People, Twifties this winter? We're going to Winter Park again this year.

We had a great time last year. Come with us Feb. 11-15, 2009. This trip is for snowboarders, skiers, and anybody that wants to give it a try. All ages but the emphasis is on Twifties!

Want to learn to carve, on a snowboard or skis, old-school surf style, almost lying down on the snow as you glide down the hill, with your hand in the wave?! We will be riding with the newly founded ACA - American Carving Association this winter and we're all gonna learn to do it like our incredible athlete friend Ron "The Carvefather" Maita. We hope to have him join us in Winter Park on Feb 11-15.

You'll only have to watch the first 3 seconds of this 1 minute long vid of Ron's incredible carving on the snow to know that you're gonna want this for yourself, baby!

(Ron is also one of the 2 people I know who rides the SkySki -and does a rodeo on it - footage coming soon!

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