Thursday, April 27, 2017

Biggest Birth Year in US was 1957

The biggest birth years in US history were...drumroll please...

1956 through 1961. 

Those were the only years that over 4.2 million people were born in one year in the United States.

People born in 1956, like me, are 60 or 61 as I write.
We are transitioning to retirement, and we hope for an active healthy one.
We want and need products and services, such as a "Twifties Helping Hand" at home to help us clean out the basement and attic as we lighten up on stuff and drop the baggage.
We could use help downloading pictures, with bookkeeping, cleaning our dwellings, and all the other stuff that has become tedious or frustrating and overall just not the choice of how we want to spend our time as the clock of life ticks by.

We have a wealth of information to offer each other. I visualize "Craigslist for Twifties" as an online place where Twifties born in 1956 to 1961 share needs and solutions as well as talent and ideas.

This age group contains people looking for new friends, companions, and dates. Like-minded people can meet effortlessly at Twifties Chill Spots set up at events as a small lounge for relaxation or mingling. Twifties Chill Spots can be set up at restaurants for designated days or times, so people don't have to eat alone.

Twifties Pop-Up Parties occur and Twifties Parties can be on a party circuit with swag bags of products tailored to my mini-generation and given by companies anxious to meet the movers and shakers of  their market. At Twifties Parties, the atmosphere is designed for your comfort and pleasure. The music volume is just right so you can talk, there is a place to put "your stuff," and cell phones are kept pocketed in the party room except for taking photos or videos. No smoking please, water and totally healthful food and drink are offered.

Twifties like us can use a "no-brainer" travel wardrobe and packing system. Weather gear including jackets and shoes that are easy to carry and have at hand until needed. We can share info on what products and services work as described and work well. Why do we have to reinvent the wheel and spend hours researching a new TV or computer or phone? Why do we have to keep shopping for favorite outfits after we find one that works? I want to be able to repurchase the clothes and items that work, not have to shop and asses NEW ones.

Society has ingnored our needs. Twifties can provide these items and services for a better quality of life, for each other!

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