Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How to Go to Sleep

How to Go to Sleep
This is a letter I just sent to a friend who was waking up in the middle of the night. These are the tried and true methods I have used successfully to fall asleep, stay asleep, get back to sleep, or best of all, sleep through the night.

Sleeping through the night and training your body to do it used to be called "sleep hygiene." The "health of sleep." I believe in it! Using digital LED devices in the middle of the night is counterproductive to your melatonin production. The blue light mimics dawn and tells you to wake up!
Train like an athlete to sleep through the night. Your body and brain need it! Meditation and relaxation videos, warm bath with lavender or epsom salts, taking melatonin, taking glycine, and rubbing on topcial over-the-counter progesterone cream (for women) are all tools I've used successfully for my sleep hygiene.

Alcohol in the evening makes a lot of people wake up around 2 am. If you absolutely must get up, try reading a peaceful book by incandescent light until you get sleepy. TV to fall asleep is not a good habit.

 I can supply details on any of these, and I hope you will find what works and not use your computer or phone in the middle of the night! It is as bad as getting up and eating ice cream!
Sweet dreams my sweet!
Oh yes, warm milk or almond milk, etc. is great too! Sometimes an aspirin helps.My mother used to give me one when I couldn't sleep the first night before school started. 
And my best overall falling asleep routine that works over 90% of the time, when I can make myself focus on it is: progressive relaxation. Learn it and it will be your best friend. "Relax my feet, relax my toes", etc. Breath slowly and deeply while you do it. There is so much to focus on, and it is so mundane and relaxing, that it works. And once your body knows the routine, it works sooner and sooner each time! I learned it in yoga in the 70s, and it changed my life! It is great for kids too.

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