Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Twifties Flashlight Friend - Pocket Flashlight Now Available!!

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This is the handiest, brightest, trustiest little Flashlight Friend you've ever had.
Twifties, the fun people around age 50 and UP are going places and doing things,sometimes in the dark.

Your new pocket flashlight shows the way at outdoor Music Festivals, theatres (find that glove that slipped between the chairs), restaurants (now you can read the menu in dim light without reading glasses!), during power outages, and more more more!!

Don't fear running out of light. The Twifties Flashlight Friend  - Pocket Flashlight has a crank so if the battery runs down,  you can revive it instantly!

The Twifties Flashlight Friend  - Pocket Flashlight  is an outstanding gift for Twifties (and anyone) who is hard to buy a gift for! Get one for yourself too!

Just $13, includes shipping to US addresses and APOs.
Shipping outside the US is available too. Email us where you want it sent for the price.

You can get the

Twifties Festival Kit is Available! Perfect Gift for Twifties

Hold your water bottle in style in this smart looking insulated shoulder bag for your bottle. It has 2 outside pockets so it can hold what you need from your wallet, and of course your phone and keys too, in a pocket with Velcro closure.

Keep your Twifties Pocket Flashlight handy. You'll also have a plastic groundcloth so you can sit anywhere, and earplugs to protect your hearing and sanity when the music or noise gets too loud.
$34 plus $5 shipping.

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