Saturday, October 15, 2011

Twifties Dance Party, Newtown CT Oct. 20 2011! And, Please Watch This!

Twifties are the FUN people around age 50 and up, as you know!

Here are 2 Twifties events, one past to watch, and one fun dance party next week in Newtown, CT.

Come out next Friday for "THE MIDNIGHT BLUES" plays "HIDEAWAY CAFE"
Hideaway Cafe
127 South Main St.
Newtown, CT

$7 at the door

The Twifties Chill Spot Banner will be hanging and Twifties are warmly welcomed!

THE MIDNIGHT BLUES will be playing their unforgettable upbeat fun original/cover music for the Hideaway cafe. If you haven't seen them perform well you haven't fully experienced life until you've seen them play. So get ready for one fantastic evening of music. Cd's will be free in exchange for your email address," which will only be used to notify you of upcoming shows." We will have dance lights, fog, t- shirts, cd's and lots of super fun. Enjoy the show everyone!Songs will be child friendly and we encourage everyone to dance. If you play lead guitar both young and old. You will have a chance to play a song or two with the band.
If it's your birthday or anniversary, tell us and we'll give a shout out. This is a b.y.o. alcohol event if you like. If you ever think the volume should be lowered then please let us know and we'll do our best to suit you.

More and RSVP if you like at


I was on internet TV, LIVE on the web last week! Talking about Twifties. It was a lot of fun to be a guest on the *ReW & WhO?* Talk show.
I would love it if you could watch. We're way up from 20 (!?!) views yesterday already. Please help me out!
So even if you can't watch a whole episode, just watch a couple of minutes and let it play to the end if possible, so that my number of views  will increase! Part 2 where I take off my hair might be more interesting! Thanks so much!! Best, Lauren

Just click here to find them very easily on the Twifties.TV Channel

You can read the descriptions of the episodes below! 

Lauren Traub Teton on *ReW & WhO?* RoCKToBeR - Part 1

Media Goddess and Singular Sensation Rew Starr, assisted by M.C. Too Tall interview Lauren about Twifties on the long-running live Internet TV variety and talk show *ReW & WhO?* filmed and broadcast live on UStream on October 5, 2011. In this first segment Lauren explains that she created Twifties because no one is marketing anything to the half a million snowboarders over age 45 and to most of the rest of the active Boomers in the US, called Twifties (because 50 is the new 20, Twenty, Fifty,...Twifty!)

They discuss the veracity of Wikipedia, limbo as a sport, Twifties Products that Work, and the awesome future party that will combine Lauren's Twifties friends along with her snowboard friends from www.SnowboardSecrets.TV. See more on www.Twifties.TV.

Lauren Traub Teton on *ReW & WhO?* RoCKToBeR - Part 2

Lauren is a guest on the long-running live Internet TV variety and talk show *ReW & WhO?* hosted by Media Goddess and Singular Sensation Rew Starr, assisted by M.C. Too Tall. In this second segment of two, Lauren gives Rew a Twifties Gifty of a Twifties Festival Kit, and takes off her hair and puts it on Rew, courtesy of her Jessica Simpson Bangs. Lauren is lovingly compared to a notorious German dictator.

There was a dynamite music after-party on the set after the show, pictured here under the Twifties Chill Spot banner.

Thanks again for watching or at least clicking the link!!

Hope to see you in Newtown or at a Twifties event soon! Send your
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