Friday, September 3, 2010

EVOLVEFEST Music/Yoga Festival

I'm headed to the Music and Yoga Festival in Vernon, NJ, tomorrow.

UPDATE: Tues. Sept. 7
See the videos on Twifties.TV here!

I'm just back from Evolvefest. It was INCREDIBLE! Met great vibration people and heard awesome music all day and all night, in addition to spending hours on my yoga mat in a quiet and sacred spot with wonderful teachers!! I am breathing and flowing so much better after the Heart Tantra workshop. I am stretched out after Thai massage. I am vibrating at a high frequency after Gong Vibration Therapy. I am amused after sitting in a swinging chair where the Universe provided me Planter's Party Mix and then an instant spontaneous party with wonderful brand new friends. And at hearing an impromptu version of a Michael Jackson song karaokied by a member of one of the featured bands, when he wasn't onstage.
And love and light are flowing through me. Thanks Dave!!
Can't wait to make the video this week, and relive it all again!! Namaste!

Watch for details of the Twifties Trip to Costa Rica for Yoga, Dancing, and Fun that will be coming up this February.
And other Twifties Impromptu Parties that will be coming up.
Be sure to sign up to hear about these parties and trips here.
And tell your friends too!

This looks like it will be a breath of fresh air! Youth and elders coming together in an atmosphere of fun and vision - harmonious, joyful, and sustainable! No individual disposable plastic water bottles allowed. This is right up Twifties alley.

When was the last time you went to a festival whose goal is:
to become eligible, by the year 2012, for the Planetary Consciousness Prize and The Best Actions Award conferred by the Club of Budapest upon organizations whose activities and projects translate the emerging global consciousness into action."

Here is their press release and schedule:

EVOLVE Music/Yoga Festival kicks off National Yoga Month
- Sept. 3-4-5-6 2010 at Rickey and Son Organic Farm- Vernon NJ

Get ready- we are on the verge of something massive! ?·?•???????•?·?

The 4th annual EVOLVE Music and Yoga Festival ( - is a festive gathering for progressive, fun-loving and visionary people who wish to celebrate their creative human potential and explore ways to make life on Earth more harmonious, joyful and sustainable! The Evolve vision centers on our power to move forward, aligning with our Planet and with all beings.

Come be part of our 4 day community celebration as we reconnect with our original native wisdom. Learn Yoga from over 20 qualified Instructors, encounter great people, fresh new positive music, healthy vegetarian food and strong positive vibes.

Evolve celebrates the creative power of the human spirit and brings together 50+bands, 25+ Yoga Workshops, Visionary Artists, Environmentalists, Guest Speakers, Wisdom-Keepers and thousands from the community in a lively exchange of energy and ideas. Evolve truly is a participant-driven experience!

Youth and Elders are called to come together- each one to teach one! It is very important to listen and learn from each other as we can empower and inspire one another with our stories. Evolve is part of an emerging planetary culture based upon personal evolution and planetary teamwork. This is the time of re-imagining our roles as planetary and galactic citizens- a time of re-enchanting our culture with a broad and universal vision of the sacredness of all life- a time of hope, optimism and new beginnings!

Come out and contribute your good energy to the Evolution Revolution next Labor Day weekend! We’ve got a chance like never before to come together and rise to our highest potential! Come and align with the deep wisdom of Nature and help to make our Planet greener, bluer, saner and safer!

Let’s all do our best to gather our friends together for this amazing party!

Make sure you are a member of Evolvefest's Facebook pages!
Click HERE: Evolvefest Fan Page -
Click the EVOLVEFEST 2010 Event Page - - then choose the “Attending” option on the right.
All Info and Tickets available @ or click link -


2010 Bands ?·?•???????•?·?

-Papadosio - Telesma -Tony Vacca's World Ryhthms -Psychedelphia -Turbine -Natural Breakdown -King for a Day -Juggling Suns -Turtle Soup -Old School Swamp (Original Swampadelica Line-up!)

-The Alchemystics -Lucid -Unexplained Bacon -Licorice -Greg Merritt's Heavy Road -Scarecrow Collection -Dopapod -Igor's Egg -Codename -

Quimby Mountain Band -Only Living Boy -LP Stiles -Capital Zen -Steve -The Big Dirty -Dirk Quinn Band - Rinse, Repeat

-The Jungle Jazz Initiative -The Defending Champions -Pico Dada -The Jack -Cliff Street - Eye of the Dawn -Mythology -Magmablood -Rogue Chimp

The Defending Champions -Red Hawk Fly -Mike Lawlor Banned -Echofission

-Marafanyi -100% Cotton -SisterMonk -mark d -Jessy Tomsko -The Pranadhanas -One Love Chant - Soul Union -Sal Good

-Kids Music - Spook Handy -Rolie Polie Guacamolie


Yoga Workshops:
-Acrobatic Yoga Workshop (Partner Yoga) w/Motion Design Acrobatic Yoga
-Yoga of the Heart/ Tantric Breathwork w/Beth Nolan
-Shreyas Yoga w/ Dr. Acharya Girish Jha
-Meditation is for Everyone w/Dan Farella
-Kundalini Consciousness Workshop w/Ranprem Kaur
-Kai Chi Do w/ Eric Lehrer
-Pineal Activation w/ Rama
-Ascension Thru the Chakras w/Jayanand
-Exploring Energy and Endurance through Surya Namaskar w/Cheryl Paulson
-How to ReWire your Brain & Increase Your Power w/ Michelle Risa
-The Yoga of Sound and Body w/Gabriel of Wakah Chan
-Joint Therapy w/David Nebiolo
-Deep Exploration of Chakras w/Stephanie Scirico
-JourneyDance w/Trinity
-Yoga Revolution w/Lisbeth Ryan
-Soma-The Yoga of Endogenous DMT w/Dave Bryson
-Ocean Prana Yoga w/Meg Zirm
-Kripalu Yoga w/Maryia Matveyeva
-Hatha Yoga w/Renee Fussner
-The Pranadhanas (multi-partner group yoga performance)
-The Healing Power of Yoga w/ Alokananda
-Aquarian Sadhana w/ Kim Nickisher Iacono
-Power Yoga w/ Bianca Passiglia
-Karma Yoga w/ Tara Steccato
-Kids Yoga w/Angie Miller
-One Love Chant Workshop (kirtan and mantra)
-Vinyasa Flow Yoga w/Alex Shipman
-Restorative Yoga w/Dawn DeGraw
-Crystal Healing Bowls w/Sandee
-Freestyle Slackline w/ Paul Sanchez
-Creating Visions Boards w/Sandee

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